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It helps fighting Cancer.

Βοηθά στην καταπολέμηση του καρκίνου!

It helps fighting Cancer.

Researches have proved that the consumption of unheated wild olive oil and in particular due to the oleic acid which it contains, it helps and protects cells and DNA by any chance alterations which can lead to cancer .

The phytochemical ingredients, that are important for the health and which the unheated wild olive oil contains, they can raise the death rate of cancer cells.

The unheated wild olive oil is multiple richer to beneficial substances than olive oil. It is the unheated wild olive oil which it is picked up from the real cold pressing of wild olive fruit, which pressing is taken place only through mechanical means without any temperature and water.

Specifically the oleocanthal destroys the “lysosome”, so the ingredient which named oleocalnthal causes a rupture of a cancer cell’s section and therefore causes the death of cell without harming the healthy cells. In this way the cancer cells are killed from their own enzymes.

The unheated wild olive oil also helps cells to defeat the free radicals of oxygen which are produced during normal metabolism. These oxidants substances cause malfunctions to DNA which can lead to cancer.

Findings proved that it is possible the high levels of oleic acid, which the unheated wild olive oil offers, can prevent the genesis and manifestation of several forms of cancer.

Laboratory inspections to cancer cells showed that these phytochemical polyphenols effectively restrict the activation of gene HER2.

The researchers pointed out that the beneficial oil is the one that results from the processing olive fruits without any usage of heat or chemical substances because thereby it contains the phytochemical which otherwise they would be lost in the processing phase.

The research searched for the types of olive oil that are the most energetic to the prevention of cancer and ascertained for the first time that all the large clusters of phenols which are founded in unheated oil significantly restrict the uncontrollable action of HER2 gene which is directly involved in the rise of cancer cells.

Recommended daily consumption: 1 tablespoon 8ml of raw wild oil, every morning on an empty stomach. A product beneficial for health!

You can include the unheated wild olive-oil into your diet for disease prevention: DO IT TODAY!!!


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