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It helps to the good health of bones.

Βοηθά στην καλή υγεία των οστών!

It helps to the good health of bones.

The unheated wild olive oil is beneficial for bones health and specific for children as long as it helps to calcium’ s absorption.

The unheated wild olive oil is a thick kind of oil which originates from wild olive fruit that freely grows not only in our country (Greece) but to the whole Mediterranean Basin.

Older studies have also shown that osteocalsin can prevent even the resistance to insulin, while when its levels are in high rates the bones are in good conditions.

A research which is to be published at the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology” of the US endocrinological society shows that the unheated olive oil based nutrition contributes to the increasing of osteocalsin serum assemblages which substance protect the bones.

“The contribution of unheated olive oil to the prevention of osteoporosis is proved by researches as into and as out of the laboratory” emphasized by Dr. Jose Manuel Fernandez Real, a doctor in Girona of Spain and basic writer of the research.

Recommended daily consumption: 1 tablespoon 8ml of raw wild oil, every morning on an empty stomach. A product beneficial for health!

You can include the unheated wild olive-oil into your diet for disease prevention: DO IT TODAY!!!

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