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Necessary for liver.

Απαραίτητο για το συκώτι!

Necessary for liver.

The unheated wild olive oil protects the liver.

The omega 3 fatty acids have a protective function against the appearance of NAFLD. It is about a food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which seems to increase the sensitivity to insulin while it reduces the liver fat accumulation and the oxidative stress, improving at the same time the steatohepatitis.

The liver possess a fundamental role to the general bodily health. It is responsible for the filtering of blood, the blood purification and the expulsion of toxic substances which could do harm the healthy cells.

It also participates in the processes of digestion and to the complicated procedure of the expulsion of useless substances.

Some useless substances end up accumulating in the human body. On account of this if the liver is healthy and functions by the better way it ensures you energy, a better mood and also a healthy skin. But if after all it has a difficulty with the implementation of its operations, this leads to the toxication of organism. The entire body is affected by this and developing a series of disorders which they could to reduces the quality of life.

The unheated wild olive oil has a high conciseness to antioxidant phytochemical substances. The specific composition contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress which is involved to the apoptosis of liver.

Moreover the unheated wild olive oil has several beneficial impacts to liver due to its high conciseness to monounsaturated fatty acids. It seems that it can contributes to the reduction of fatty levels in liver and the oedema of hepatocytes. In fact, the diets of high conciseness in monounsaturated fatty acids appear as though they reduce the triglycerides per 19% and increase mildly the HDL cholesterol which is helpful for NAFLD.

The healthy liver is a very important factor for the general health as it is a “key role ” organ for organism. On this basis is often expressed the question if are there foods that they can contribute to a healthy liver? So we will see together which is the answer since we firstly make an introduction about the liver and its healthy conditions!

The operation of liver.

The liver is a “key role” for numerous vital processes And its function is decisive for the organism. The most important ones are the following»:
The metabolism of macronutrients of foods (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) as well the cholesterol.
The production of hormones, enzymes and proteins needed for the operation of organism and the support of immune system.
The regulation of blood’s volume.
The dissolution of the exogenous substances such us the medicaments.
The removal of useless products and extraneous substances from blood’s circulation.
Some of the most significant operations which concern metabolism of macronutrients are:
The storage of glucose in the form of glycogen as an answer to the food intake.
The reassurance of glucose through glycogenesis as an answer to the food deficiency.
The oxidation of fat.
The forwarding of the surplus fat for emancipation into the circulation and its storage to other tissues such as the fatty one.
The secretion of proteins into the circulation.
The processing of amino acids for energy.
The expulsion of nitrogen’s products which are originated from the degradation of proteins.

The way of life possess an important role concerning the health of liver. Beyond the balanced nutrition and the maintenance of a healthy bodily weight, is also important the regular physical activity as well the qualitative sleep. It is also essential the compliance of the correct practices of physical hygiene as well as the avoidance of abuses of medicaments, food supplements and alcohol.

Fortunately there are some physical ingredients which can help so that the liver is purified while parallelly ensure and other profits for the body.

The unheated wild olive oil constitute a mixture which invigorates and cleansing the liver, having a very high assembly ( multiple higher quantity than extra virgin olive oil or green olive oil) of monounsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant phytochemical substances.

The daily consumption of unheated wild olive oil, a tablespoon of 8ml raw every morning on an empty stomach, is a shield for our liver.

You decide how much your health is worth!!!


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