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Necessary for the digestive system.

Απαραίτητο για το πεπτικό σύστημα!

Necessary for the digestive system.

Unheated olive oil: The gift of God and nature for the human digestive system and not only this!

The unheated olive oil is proved to be a balsam for the stomach since it reinforces the digestive system and it reduces the danger of stomach’ s ulcer and the creation of gastritis.

Have we thought perhaps in a moment of time, that our digestive system is one of the main contact points of our organism with the outer environment?

This second brain is equipped with its own sensory functions and reflexes whereas it can control the behavior of intestine independently from brain.

Hence our digestive system have one the richest network of nerves which controls its own function as that of the whole organism with the cooperation of a wide compass of hormones.

A healthy digestive system is very important for our well-being. It modifies foodstuffs to energy and it expels the harmful ones, since maintain all the necessary elements for the smooth functioning of our body.

The maintenance of a healthy digestive system is feasible and it can takes place through the consumption of foods which are beneficial for our digestive system.

The processing of foods and the expulsion of toxins are very important as well the regular movements of intestine which have a key role over the health of gastrointestinal tract and they contribute to the general well-being of human organism. Also, the presence of fat and liquids in our nutrition is necessary for the maintenance of the healthy mobility of intestine.

The unheated wild olive oil is the ideal fatty substance not only because it benefits and other parts of our body such as our heart, but in addition because it protects our digestive system from ulcers. Researches have shown that the incorporation of unheated wild olive oil in our nutrition can help to the therapy or to prevention of the stomach’s ulcers.

Our health and our vitality in a great measure are depended by how well our digestive system functions so as it can supply our organisms with the “structural keystones” which they need.

If digestion do not function well whatever we eat isn’t absorbed correctly and our organism at some point it will appear the deficiency symptoms of several necessary ingredients. Clinical investigations have documented that this “liquid Gold” is a unique absolute tolerant fatty substance by the human stomach compared to any other.

The unheated wild olive oil causes a feeling of satiety and helps effectively to the digestion and integration of the nutrients from foods by presenting the best indicator of absorbency and digestibility from the intestinal wall than any other fatty substance.

It also helps in reduction of gastric fluid thus smoothing the feeling of indigestion from which exempt us gradually. Due to the big absorbency from intestinal mucus the unheated wild olive oil alleviates the most intestinal syndromes and contributes to the immaculate functioning of large intestine by bringing results as :

To be healed any ulcers in whichever point of our digestive system and to be cured several inflammations. Also, by the assistance of a balanced nutrition, it prevents and heal the gastro-oesophageal reflux while it reduces firstly the feelings of constipation and afterwards it completely eradicates them.

This is the unheated wild olive oil, the wild olive’s fruit juice, a magic golden fluid, a gift of God and nature!

Therefore, the daily consumption of unheated wild olive oil, a tablespoon of 8ml raw every morning on an empty stomach, is a shield and treatment for our digestive system.

You decide how much your health is worth!!!

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