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Essential for diabetics!

Απαραίτητο για διαβητικούς!

Essential for diabetics!

The unheated wild olive-oil is essential for those who suffer from diabetes, because it balances the sugar.

Unheated wild olive oil is known for its valuable contribution to the maintenance of physical health as well as for prevention and control of several important diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

The nutritional usage of unheated wild olive oil reduces the rates of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides in blood.

Researches results showed that the limitation of glucose level after every meal contributes to the prevention of chronic complications of diabetes. The stimulating effects of wild olive oil’s usage which were observed in the researches are attributed to its high conciseness of monounsaturated fats and to antioxidant activity which is provided by polyphenols.

Additionally, wild olive oil’s high conciseness in vitamin E helps to amelioration of insulin’s action and the regulation of blood sugar. Also due to its antioxidant activity, the wild olive oil protects organism from oxidizing stress, which consists a particular harmful factor for diabetic patients.

Although, despite its beneficial action the wild olive oil does not cease to be a fatty substance rich in calories and due the fact that, its consumption must be considered to the total intake of calories.

At the deductions of the specific researches is referred that the limitation of the postprandial glucose’s level contributes to prevention of chronic complications of diabetes and concomitantly to the improvement of quality of life of the patients. The researches explain that the beneficial results of unheated wild olive oil’s consumption which were observed may be are related to, except its high conciseness at monounsaturated fats, and to others bioactive ingredients with antioxidant action such as polyphenols.

Recommended daily consumption: 1 tablespoon 8ml of raw wild oil, every morning on an empty stomach. A product beneficial for health!

You can include the unheated wild olive-oil into your diet for disease prevention: DO IT TODAY!!!

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