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Our History

Η Ιστορία μας

  2012.  Idea for unheated wild oil.

The idea for unheated wild oil was born after a medical urgement to fight my high diabetes The effort started with various mechanical methods.

  2014.  The first press machine.

After many efforts in 2014 we built an automatic press in order to produce the unheated wild olive-oil.

  2016.  Pressing and centrifugation

After the press the problem arose in the separation. Many hours the wild oil exposed to sedimentation. We converted a seperator from 8,000 to 2000 spins, by patenting the plates. Excellent result.

  2018.  Airtightness and Centrifugation

In 2018 we manufactured: Hammer mill with 800 spins, airtight mixers, vertical centrifuge with 1300 spins 'original revolutionary patent'. We now have the perfect result.

  2019.  Our website.

In 2019, our website,, was uploaded to the internet. In order to inform you how the truly unheated wild olive-oil, unripe olive-oil and olive oil is produced. And how you can get it.

  2020.  Googles' recognition.

In 2020 came the recognition from google, ranking us at the top for the real cold pressing ( unheated process )! This is the greatest moral satisfaction for us!




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