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The oil’s substance with the pharmaceutical action is named oleocanthal.

The oleocanthal is a chemical substance into the unheated excellent virgin olive oil- green oil and is one of the most important phenols. It is produced when the olive fruit is squashed for making the pulp from which is extracted the unheated olive oil. There are many compounds into the extra virgin olive oil which have an annular structure of carbon in them and they are known overall as phenolic compounds.

These compounds are well antioxidant substances which prevent the formation of radical oxygen’s pores and also they tend to be anti-inflammatory. The oleocanthal has proven that interferes to the procedures which are related with many types of inflammation, the Alzheimer disease, the manifestation of cancer and its development.

Although we do not suggest trying a token from whatever type of olive oil which can be found in any local super market. In order to obtain the benefits of oleocanthal and oleicin for your health you have to verify that you consume 100% unheated extra virgin olive oil-green olive oil- wild olive oil of high quality instead of cheap degraded olive oils. You can rely to only that magic ingredients of oleocanthal and oleicin - the two main phenols which signalize the olive oil you choose- it will give you that bitter and spicy taste at the back part of your throat.

When oleocanthal enters our organism, it is transmuted to an active substance which can reach rapidly even the brain.

Since the first discovering of oleocanthal’s anti-inflammatory action back at 2005, similar to ibuprofen, this olive’s phenolic compound gained a big scientific interesting and popularity due to their benefits for health which current researches also shows that the substance provide.

The oleocanthal is a monophenolic serrated which is unique to olive oil-green olive oil and mainly to wild olive oil.

To this point the researches proved that oleocanthal reacts spontaneously with amino acids, having high reactivity to glycine concerning other amino acids or proteins, by giving two products: an unusual derivative of glycine with a frame of tetrahydropyridine which named oleoglycine, and as their collective data support, a possible formation of acetic tyrosol as a second product.

  • The oleocanthal seems to have anti-inflammatory action analogous to that of Ibuprofen.
  • The oleocanthal seems to have a positive impact onto Alzheimer disease by slowing down the illness.
  • Olive oils rich in oleocanthal helps the reduction of thrombosis.
  • The beneficial action of oleocanthal against malignant melanoma of skin.
  • The oleocanthal and its derivatives act against inflammatory diseases of articulations.
  • Oleocanthal has a beneficial effect on melanoma.
  • The daily basis oil’s consumption which is rich in oleocanthal and oleicin seems to have a positive effect to patients with chronic lemphocytic leukemia.
  • As mentioned the professor of pharmacognosy sector and chemistry of natural products of N.A.K.U.O.A. university mr. Mayatis Prokopios “ the chronic exposition in low doses of antioxidants /anti-inflammatory substances as such the oleocanthal offers protection against the cardiovascular diseases and ageing.” Also “the oleocanthal is responsible for the pungency sensation to the throat which is a feature of green olive oil.” (INGREDIENTS OF OLIVE OIL WITH A PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE FOR THE OXIDIZING STRESS AND HEALTH, NATIONAL AND KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERISTY OF ATHENS, presentation 2015)

Briefly speaking the polyphenols are phytochemical compounds which are in abundance into natural sources of plants and they have antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. There are above 8.000 different polyphenols which are into foodstuffs such as fruits, nuts, chocolate, vegetables and of course into the unheated fine virgin olive oil-green olive oil and above all into the wild olive oil.

The olives are of stone fruit kind of fruits such as the peaches and the plums. The pure, unheated , fine virgin olive oil-green olive oil and above all the wild olive oil is a fresh fruit juice- it is seasonal and consumable as every juice. However because of a carefully oil’s production procession (unheated) this pure juice maintains high levels of phenols elongates its “life’s” duration by having the two basic polyphenols: the oleocanthal and oleicin.

What should I buy?

“We recommend for your healthy nutrition the unheated of koroneiki variety green olive oil or wild olive oil. By testing it you will feel the intense bitter and spicy taste which is due to the main phenols, the oleocanhtal and the oleicin. You will feel also an intensive aroma which prove that the chosen olive oil was produced of healthy and fresh olive fruit and certainly you will obtain all the benefits for your health. Thus, the next time you will look for a bottle of unheated extra virgin olive oil to dress a salad make sure that it is complete-full of oleocanthal and oleicin.”


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