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FREE SAMPLE Unheated unripe olive-oil with mandarin


FREE SAMPLE Unheated unripe olive-oil with mandarin

Unheated unripe olive oil from variety koroneiki with mandarin, 35ml. Elaborated in our own oil mill (revolutionary patent) with vertical centrifugation at 1300 revolutions and without adding water. Natural juice of unripe Koroneiki olives with the addition of natural mandarin juice during the kneading process.


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The unheated unripe oil with mandarin is produced from unripe olives of the Koroneiki variety, processed with real cold pressing and gives us a unique and special product, spicy with a bitter taste, it has stronger antioxidant properties than common olive oil due to its higher content of phenols, which have also antithrombotic action. It provides us with monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, which limits the action of free radicals and the harmful effects they cause in our body.

Our olive plantations are in the southwest of Aitoloakarnania ( West Greece ) and the collection of the fruit is done with hands.

After a lot of efforts and tests in our procedure, we realised that in order to achieve real unheated olive-oil ( olive juice ), our care for the land and the trees was not enough. We had to pay special attention to the management of olive fruit in our olive-oil factory. Thus, we resulted in the construction of our own model olive-oil factory and to apply a process which, in brief, includes the following 7 important stages :
Thus, we ended up building our own prototype oil mill and implementing a process, which briefly includes the following 9 important stages:

  1. Beginning of collecting olive fruit at the right stage of ripening, unripe ( before they ripen )
  2. The elaboration of olive fruit is done on the harvest day
  3. Defoliation and washing of olive fruit with clean water
  4. Fragmentation of olive fruit in hammer mill with 800 rpm
  5. Kneading in closed airtight kneader (without heating).
  6. The export and separation of the natural juice, take place in our own oil mill built by us ( revolutionary patent ) without the addition of any hot or cold water, with vertical centrifugation at 1300 rpm.
  7. The unheated natural olive juice will be stored in small airtight stainless steel tanks per variety. E.g. (wild olive-oil, unripe olive-oil, olive-oil). Thus it keeps all its phenols, polyphenols and vitamins unchanged.
  8. Low acidity which always varies lower than 0,2%.
  9. Finally, it will be bottled with great care in dark glass bottles of 250ml so that it reaches the consumer, a product of the highest quality and low acidity, which has preserved all its natural, quality and nutritional components.

The daily consumption should be a tablespoon 8ml raw, every day on an empty stomach. The 250ml bottle is enough for a month’s use ( 30-35 days ).

The annual production of our fruit juice is very small. It is bottled, with care, in black bottles in order to be protected by the sun and in packages of 250ml. It has rich, creamy texture, fruity flavour and all the scent of fresh olives. We can never say too much about it.

It has a rich creamy texture, it has a fruity taste, all the aromas of freshly cut unripe olive and freshly squeezed mandarin

We never have enough quantity to meet the demand.

For those of you who have high standards of nutritional value and want to dress even your salad with unheated unripe olive oil or olive oil with high phenols and polyphenols,  with orange, mandarin and lemon flavor, you will find it here at AGROIL


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