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Our olive-oil mill.

Το Ελαιουργείο μας

Our olive oil mill is a prototype model revolutionary patent in the field of olive-oil. It was invented and manufactured totally by us.

In our olive mill operates:

1) Peeler debarker.

2) Olive washer with cold water running (not recycled).

3) Scutching machine of 800 spins.Patent!

4) Kneading in closed airtight kneader (without heating). Patent!

5) Transferring pump for olive paste. Patent!

6) Vertical centrifugal with 1.300 spins, which produce crystal clear olive oil that does not need filtering and no further procession at all. Prototype revolutionary patent!

After a lot of efforts, studies, tiredness and psychological and economic wearing down and experimentations and failed constructions, we reached the desired result, to the perfecting optically and functionally of a modern olive oil mill with very small dimensions, also small in horsepower electric motors with electronic regulators of spins with Inverter technology, with minimum consumption of electricity and minimum waste which are made exploitable.

Manufactured with stainless steel and it can elaborate the olive fruit without the addition of warm or cold water in any phase of its procession, with vertical centrifugation which never exceeds the limit of 1.300 spins

With the method of true COLD PRESSING OUT.

Its productive procedure as follows : ( See here )

                                         HOW TO GET OUR PRODUCTS


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  • by Δημήτρης Σοφός Posted June 11, 2019 1:15 pm

    Θερμά συγχαρητήρια!!!

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