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Wild olive-oil

It is the new superfood which has its roots in ancient times.It is produced from wild olive trees of the land in Aitoloakarnania( West Greece ).

The pharmaceutical substances that are contained in wild olive oil have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective capacities, and recent studies have shown impressive results as far as its action to prevent diseases like Alzheimer is concerned, the reduction of bad cholesterol, the prevention of cardiovascular illness, the prevention of cancer, the reduction of indigestion, the development of central nervous system and cerebral cells, health for skin and hair due to antioxidation of cells and many vitamins, reduction of blood pressure , it affects positively on the proper growth of children, it delays aging of cells,it helps against disorders of digestive system and metabolism, it is a supplement of high nutritional value of breast milk, it contains lubricant vitamins, it helps against insect bites , it has been used since Hippocrates era as an excellent cosmetic and many other uses, that you can read from doctors all around the world.

The harvest is especially difficult due to small size and sparse development of fruit, they give small amounts of olive-oil, it is not damaged by the disease affecting olive trees and it does not need any care. Cold pressing-out wild olive-oil distinguishes from the scent, the colour and the flavour. Its acidity is especially low, always below 0,2%. It is rich in sterols ( mainly b-sitosterole ) and in fatty acids, mainly oleic acid ( omega 9 ), linolenic acid ( omega 6 ). The content of wild olive-oil in antioxidant substances, such as tocopherols ( vitamin E ), vitamin C, carotenoids ( b-carotene, xanthophyll ), phenols and polyphenols is very characteristic. Also, the wild olive-fruit contains a large amount in oleoprotein, oleocanthal and oleocine , polyphenols that exist in bitter fruit of wild olive-fruit and they give valuable antioxidant capacities to our health.

Next, there is the cold pressing out process without adding water. This process increases the cost of production and it decreases the amount of olive-oil per kilo of fruit.

The stage of pressing out is done within the day, without adding temperature because it destroys the ingredients, it is not filtered but a process of natural sedimentation is used.

The acidity varies from 0,1% to 0,2%. The flavour is bitter notably spicy with pleasant scent. A totally impressive, unique and natural product with a golden green colour and limited quantity of olive oil production.

However, it gives us the ability to provide you with a product of high quality and low acidity which has preserved all the quality and chemical substances, like the health protective polyphenols.

Beneficial for our health, 8ml ( a tablespoon per day ) for the prevention fron a lot of diseases. Ideal for salads, boiled vegetables, grilled vegetables, grilled meat.

Some of the important benefits of wild olive oil are :

– it reduces harmful cholesterol in blood ( LDL )
– it helps normal function of arteries and it prevents the creation of thrombosis
– it reduces blood pressure and it helps fight hypertension
– it contributes to the good function of brain, bones, especially children’s, since it helps calcium absorption
– due to its content in vitamin E, it helps the normal process of aging and it is necessary for the elderly
– it proves to be ” balsam ” for the stomach, since it strengthens the digestive system and it reduces the danger of the creation of stomach ulcer and gastritis
– it has laxative capacities and it helps better function of intestines
– due to the action of vitamin E, it protects the human body from solar radiation and it soothes the pain from insect bites.
– it constitutes an invaluable and necessary supplement for breast milk, since ( due to the acids it contains )it helps the proper function of newborns
-due to the antioxidant substances, vitamins and polyphenols which it contains, it prevents the disorders of the liver, sclerosis and various inflammations
– it contributes to the prevention of skin cancer, it contains nutritional ingredients like squalene, which are transfered and absorbed by skin
– it helps the prevention of intestine cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and, in general, it protects the cells and DNA from distortions which may lead to cancer ( due to oleic acid )
-it helps the good function of metabolism and it is necessary for those who suffer from diabetes, because it balances blood sugar
– it helps the absorption of fat soluble vitamins ( A, D, E, K )

The daily consumption should be a tablespoon 8ml raw, every day on an empty stomach.

From ancient times, olive oil from wild olive trees, which was considered to be therapeutic for medicine, was connected to well being.
Inseparable part of Mediterranean diet , it was considered to be source of health and longevity by the ancient Greeks and Romans, the best in quality.

Due to the difficulty and particularity of its production and due to its small quantity, they used to use it for the preparation of ornamental and therapeutical essences and ointments.

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