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Necessary for our metabolism!

Απαραίτητο για το μεταβολισμό μας!

Necessary for our metabolism!

The unheated wild olive oil helps the smooth functioning of our metabolism!

The unheated wild olive oil due to its high conciseness to phenolic compounds in comparison with olive oil is indicated as a more enriched form of nutrition having of course the analogous nutritional value. A tablespoon of wild olive oil every morning with empty stomach is enough for our organism’s needs. The unheated wild olive oil also helps to the much better absorption of components which are contained in other oils from our organism.

In this case it is worth noting that the lycopene which is contained in tomatoes, broad beans and other vegetables and it is beneficial for our health can be intake from our organism and to reach our liver much faster only with the usage of wild olive oil.

The daily needs of a person of midst vitality is 3 mg of linoleic acid which quantity can be intake merely from one tablespoon of unheated wild olive oil, while respectively it is needed large amounts of dairy products or animal fats to cover organism’s needs of linoleic acid.

The experience show us that, despite the high calorific value, people who consume it suffer less than obesity. It is yet proven that people which are following a diet with a normal consumption of unheated wild olive oil have less weight fluctuations.

It must be emphasized that the addition of unheated wild olive oil in a sequence of bad nutrition will not make you healthy, however it will help the organism. By limiting animal fats, with the usage of unheated wild olive oil as the primary source of dietary fat, along with a nutrition rich in fruits, pulses and vegetables which is accompanied from a normal physical activity, it will contribute to your effort for the maintenance of normal weight and it will boost your health.

The unheated wild olive oil has a unique taste and also contributes to weight loss. This fact is due to its additional content to monounsaturated fatty acids which are stimulating the dissolution of fats into the fat cells and reduces the insulin’s ability of suspending the lipolysis.

Monounsaturated fat: The good fat in your nutrition.

The nutritional value of olive oil outweighs against other vegetable oils whereas their calorific value is the same. Namely olive oil, as every other fatty material of plant or animal origin, attributes the same number of calories. Therefore, the myth which about lighter seed oils which contain less calories than olive oil is not valid.

The fat and the oils have a common denominator, their energy value, 9 kilocalories per grammar but metabolism of each significantly differs from the rest. The olive oil constitutes the basic added lipid in the Mediterranean nutrition by giving 9 kilocalories per gram. (1 tablespoon=10 ml. which gives 9kcal). The recommended daily intake of monounsaturated fatty acids must consist the 10% of the overall daily energy intake. Certainly this percentage must consist of a part of the overall daily fat’s intake which must not exceed 30%.

Energy (Kilocalories per day) Monounsaturated kilocalories of fatty acids per day Percentage of 10 – 15% of total Energy Recommended daily consumption of olive oil
1200 kcals 120 – 180 kcals 1-2 tablespoon
1500 kcals 150 – 225 kcals 2-3 tablespoon
1700 kcals 170 – 255 kcals 2-3 tablespoon
2000 kcals 200 – 300 kcals 3-4 tablespoon
2500 kcals 250 – 375 kcals 4-5 tablespoon


Recommended daily consumption: 1 tablespoon 8ml of raw wild oil, every morning on an empty stomach.

You decide how much your health is worth!!!

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