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The hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives have been identified officially from the European Food Safety Authority (E.F.S.A.) for their beneficial action. From a research which published to E.F.S.A. ‘s journal we find out that the consumption of hydroxytyrosol and the rest polyphenols which are produced of olives and olive oil provide to blood’s lipids protection against oxidation, which is a harm known for affecting the cardiovascular health.

The hydroxytorosol seems that provide a wide range of biological effects such as cardioprotective, anticancer, neuroprotective, antimicrobial and other interactions.

• The hydroxytyrosole can have an important protective part against the ROS which cause oxidant harm to human cells.

• The hydroxytyrosol and the oleuropein as the main polyphenols of olive, which is the basic component of the Mediterranean nutrition, lead somewhat to limited numbers cases of coronary artery disease and of some kinds of cancer.

• The hydroxytyrosol inhibits the action of arachidonic lipoxygenase. It is worth noting that the lipoxygenases are enzymes which catalyse the dioxigenesis of the fatty acids in lipids.

• The hydroxytyrosol seems to reduce the degeneration of endothelial cells.

• The hydroxytyrosol seems to have an hypolipidemic and antithrombotic action.

• The hydroxytyrosol after a prolonged research is proved that it develops neuroprotective action.

• The hydroxytyrosol can help against diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases with chronic inflammations and the osteoarthritis.

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