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Ligustroside Aglycone

Άγλυκο του Λιγκστοσίδη

Ligustroside Aglycone


The Memendez and his team in their research studied the ability of ligustroside aglycone to regulate the modified phenotype of kinase tyrosine HER2 receptor which is propelled in vitro in human epithelial cells of breast. With utilizing the naturally cellular serial MCF10A of breast’s epithelium clarified the relationship between the chemical structure of ligustroside aglycone and its inhibitory effects against the action of kinase tyrosine of oncogenous protein HER2. When the normal cells were compared with the cells of serial MCF10A/HER2 under the administration of ligustroside aglycone they grew with lower density whilst they were increasing importantly in tumor and they displayed a reformation of bicellular contacts with the appearance of multiple estuaries.

The ligustroside aglycone was one of the most strong inhibitors of the expression of HER2’s protein into the MCF10A/HER2 cells with a reduction of 68% and IC50 10mm. The overexpression of HER2 propelled a further worsening sensitivity to the apoptotic actions of ligustroside aglycone. The specific findings are supported by epidemiological researches which show that the actions of ligustroside aglycone against the breast cancer affect the incidents which are due to the overexpression of the receptor HER2 with the action of kinase tyrosine. Moreover suggest that the stereochemistry of the ligustroside aglycone can provide a perfect and a reliable base for planning of anticancer medicaments which are targeting the HER2.

The ligustroside aglycone inhibits the development of breast cancer since it causes a reduction of the number of kinase tyrosine HER2 receptors and which is in high percentage to the cancer cells at breast and leads to their uncontrollable multiplication.

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