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How the procession of unheated olive oil or wild oil is taken place.

Unheated wild olive oil or olive oil is produced through this specific procession.

1) The correct timing of olive’s picking is very important for wild olive oil or olive oil.

2) Olives picked by hand due to the fruit not to be damaged.

3) Olives are led to our olive mill and then they are processed within 2-3 hours from the picking time.

4) The olive-fruit is defoliated, and then it is washed with flowing clean cold water.

5) Then it is cracked in scutching machine with 800 spins per minute.

6) Afterwards it is softened about into a closed airtight masticator so that the olive paste to be homogenized and to decrease the products lubrication.

7) Then following the cold pressing out of the olive fruit into a vertical centrifugal system with 1.300 spins (a method which consists a prototype patent invented by us) and with consequent results to have two ingredients:

a) A crystal clear olive juice, which needs no further procession.

b) The core and oil waste (which contains just only the humidity that olive already had)

8) Unheated and extra virgin wild olive oil or olive oil (unheated olive juice) without having altering any of its nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients (vitamins, proteins, and the totality of its polyphenols ), we keep those ingredients that make it a special pharmaceutical natural product, exceptionally beneficial and necessary for our health.

9) Unheated olive oil will be saved in small airtight stainless tanks per variety,
acidity and quality

10) Finally, the olive oil will be bottled with caution in dark glass bottles of 250ml, in order to reach the customer a product of high quality and low acidity, which also has preserved all the natural, quality and nutritional ingredients, vitamins, protein, and all the health protective phenols and polyphenols. The ingredients which make it such a special and a natural origin pharmaceutical product which rightfully considered the best of its kind in the world.

11) The fruit core and the oil waste will be separated with pressure (press device) and as a result we have the following two materials:

a) The core, which will be used as fuel material

b) The olive waste, (without water addition but only what the fruit contains) which is used as a conduit of lubrication and herbicide in our olive grove.

Perhaps we have become tiresome, but we have to repeat it constantly that during the productive procedure:

1) We do not use any high speed decanter (3.000/4.000 ++spins) or separators (7.000/8.000 ++ spins).

2) We do not add any amount temperature or water ( warm or cold ), for the reason not to be changed the temperature of the product, so we leave only what the olive fruit by its own content.

3) The polyphenols are soluble to water, thus it is not used warm water, which in cooperation with high speed spinning burn and wash off all the polyphenols and the ingredients of olive fruit, and as a result the wild olive oil or olive oil to be destroyed and due the fact that to take just a fatty substance and not olive oil.

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