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What is unheated wild olive oil or olive oil.

In order for a kind of olive oil to be valid defined as unheated (cold pressed) and extra virgin, it has to have been produced under the specific conditions: 1) From excellent quality olives and the harvest to has taken place at the appropriate...
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Analytical review: COLD=WITHOUT TEMPERATURE PRESSING OUT/PRESSURE The product’s processing must be made without the addition of any type of heating or the addition of warm water also. Any heating type procession, as mentioned before, that is exceeds the product’s physical temperature it is not...
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Polyphenols and beneficial capacities

What are famous polyphenols and phenols and which are their beneficial capacities for our health ? Fresh and properly elaborated (extracted by innovative method) unheated wild olive oil or olive oil with unheated and without water cold pressing out (SEE HERE), is rich in...
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How the procession of unheated olive oil or wild oil is taken place.

Unheated wild olive oil or olive oil is produced through this specific procession. 1) The correct timing of olive’s picking is very important for wild olive oil or olive oil. 2) Olives picked by hand due to the fruit not to be damaged. 3)...
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Wild olive-oil

This is the new hyperfood (superfood) which however has its roots back in antiquity. Our wild olive oil It is produced from wild olive trees which freely grow on the mountains in the land of Aitoloakarnania (Western Greece ). The wild olive tree is...
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Who we are

Products of AGROIL is produced by a family business which is activated in The Promise Land (southwest Aitoloakarnania), in the fruitful plain which the Achelous river crosses and the Ionian Sea embraces. Our knowledge about olive-oil, given that we are olive-oil producers and manufacturers...