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Our company

The AGROIL company is a family business which is activated in The Promise Land (southwest Aitoloakarnania), in the fruitful plain which the Acheloous river crosses and the Ionian Sea embraces. Our knowledge about olive-oil, given that we are olive-oil producers and manufacturers prototype olive-oil millgives us at least the right, to guarantee the authentic quality of the olive fruit juice. A pure olive oil production based on the unheated and without the water additions elaboration of the olive fruit ( See here )

Our vision is :
” To make the best “olive oil juice” and not just one more kind of ordinary olive-oil”.

Based on unheated wild olive oil and to create a starting point of a magnetic field which will attract people with high standards of nutritional values, by offering a healthy function and protection to their bodies.

We produce ( very carefully, in detail, with love, devotion and expertise ) in our own olive-oil factory the unheated olive juice which makes the difference from the other kinds of olive-oil. Elaborated without water and temperatures. ( With cold pressing )

The olive juice remains in its initial condition, in very low acidity without altering in the flavor, the scent and the health protective polyphenols in order to have healing capacities. Do not forget that olive fruit is fruit with juice. Its nutritional value and its contribution to health, is known globally and the scientific documentation about that is widely known.

Some call unheated wild olive oil "divine gift" others "green gold" and others "liquid gold".

Greece and for us Aitoloakarnania with its mild climate and fertile soils, produces some of the best products in the world (based on unheated wild olive oil & olive oil). And we are the best. Due to the model revolutionary patent which gives us the capacity of the unheated and without water elaboration of olive fruit. Thus, reaching the traditional form of natural olive juice. (Cold pressing See here)

With absolute respect for the Greek nature that generously offers us its fruits, we produce unique products of excellent quality, taste and nutritional value.

Reliability and trust and, above all, quality, are the three words that characterize AGROIL and make it stand out.

It’s a capacity to understand nature and allow it to produce its gifts in its own rhythms. For us is our way of life.